Are you the person who just can’t stop talking about hairstyling techniques? Or are you that one friend who always style other’s hair without realizing? Do you think you have the skills to become a creative and successful hairstylist?

Well, read on through this article and find out what is the foundation of skills for successful hair stylist.

But, first…

What Does A Hairstylist Do?

A hairstylist offers a broad range of hair services like cutting, shampooing, styling, and coloring. Hairstylistsalso manage records of the products and services they have provided to their customers and take payments for every service. Hairstylists also keep track of salon products so that their customers can keep on using the same hairstyle at home.

Some of these salon products include shampoo, color, conditioners, and hair treatments. Hairstylists also use various tools such as blow dryers, scissors, hairbrushes, flat irons, and curling irons. Hairstylists usually do the following every day:

  • Greeting clients and making them comfortable
  • Discussing hairstyle choice with customers
  • Washing, conditioning, coloring or lightening hair
  • Chemically changing hair textures
  • Cutting, drying and styling of hair
  • Cutting and styling of wigs
  • Making recommendations about a certain scalp or hair problem
  • Cleaning and disinfecting all tools and work station
  • Selling of salon products

13 Skills of the Highly Successful Hairstylists

Listening Skills

Hairstylists should be good listeners. Customers do not want to argue with hairstylists and ending up walking out of the salon with a less than perfect haircut. Therefore, hairstylists need to learn how to listen to what their customers want in order to make sure that they are happy with the end results.

Hairstylists also need to talk less and listen more. Part of a hairstylist job is to be the customer’s confidante and satisfy their customer’s interest. Additionally, making a customer feel comfortable and at ease by starting a conversation while styling their hair is a great way to keep them happy and engaged.


While it is said that hairstylists need to be, there are also times when they need to speak up. When a client wants a hairstyle that a hairstylist think will not work for them, then they need to speak up and tell the customer in a polite way. Hairstylist needs to help their customers understand this and provide them a range of styles that can work on them.

Furthermore, one of the major complains of clients is the shock of their bills. Since most customers might not know the exact cost of certain hairstyling processes, the hairstylist will need to tell the customer honestly and upfront of any elevated and add-on services, before providing it to them.


Most customers are unsure of what they like or what hairstyle to try. Thus, hairstylist should expect a lot of questions and should be ready for any advice or ideas on how to style or cut specific hair. Creativity, as well as a better understanding of the different face lines and shapes, can help a hairstylist to come up with the best hairstyle for their customer.

In addition, styling and cutting hair the same every time can be boring. Thushaving the imagination and creativity can keep the job stimulating and exciting.


Hairstylists will sometimes face-off with arrogant and irate customers. During this kind of situation, a successful hairstylist has the patience and professional aura to keep calm. Also, there are times when a hairstylist will meet a fussy or picky customer, changing their minds in the middle of the process. A successful hairstylist will stay patient and make the necessary, allowable changes while keeping their respectful tone.

Customer Service Skills

Hairstylists will meet all kinds of people on a daily basis. And a hairstylist with brimming and welcoming aura can give their customers a pleasantexperience. There’s nothing worse than getting a color or hair cut with hairstylist in a bad mood. Being nice, attentive and engages should help hairstylists offer only the best customer service possible.


Hairstylists need to make fast decisions and should never doubt themselves. They need to believe that they are a professional individual and should have faith in their skills. If a hairstylist wants to try a new style of haircut, then they need to do this with confidence so that their customers won’t doubt them.

Making Visions a Reality

Part of being a professional and successful hairstylist is to stay on top of the latest trends. And a truly professional hairstylist can integrate such trends into their customers’ personal style and taste. At the same time, being a slave to fashion is also a cliché. A hairstylist killer eye and elevated taste for design should allow them to set a few trends of their own. All in all, a hairstylist should not only create a vision but also execute them really well.


A professional hairstylist knows that cleanliness can attract more clients. They need to project their success by keeping both themselves and their work station clean and sanitary. This is not only essential for the hairstylist’s image but also for the safety of their customers as well as meeting standards and guidelines.

Being a professional in the latest and fashionable hair trends, hairstylists need to also sport a fashionable hairstyle themselves, wearing clean attire and practicing good hygiene. They need to keep their workstation highly organized with their tools and hair products placed strategically and organized in order to speed up all processes and keeping their customers satisfied.

Time Management

Hairstylists should have a good grasp of their schedule. They need to schedule appointments that they can guarantee to provide service. They should know how to organize their schedules and should never overbook customers and ending up with unhappy customers with rushed hairstyles.

Physical Stamina

Hairstylists need to be on their feet for most of the days. They will have to stay standing for hours when styling hairs in between each customer while only taking a few minutes of break in order to relieve their legs and feet from extensive standing. Therefore, they need to have physical stamina.

In addition to physical stamina, hairstylists, also need to have the dexterity. Hairstylists will be using their hands to grasp on their customers’ hair as well as holding small objects when styling or cutting hair. This makes quick, accurate and coordinated movements for faster styling.


In a salon, there can be a dozen or more of hairstylists. And being a team player and getting along with their co-workers is another important skill of a successful hairstylist. Furthermore, they should have a good relationship with their boss so that they can enjoy their work.

In addition, working well with colleagues can help a hairstylist to earn more experience and knowledge from others as well as getting the shifts they want or when needed. This makes the workplace even more enjoyable and flexible.

Technical Skills

Every other skill on this list can never make up for a bad hair cut or style. This means that a successful hairstylist should also learn various hairstyling techniqueswhile staying updated and hungry for the latest trends and techniques.

A professional hairstylist knows that practice makes perfect and that they need to make sure that they are knowledgeable of hair styling tools and techniques while continuously improving their abilities in order to keep their customers satisfied,


Hairstylists are also salespeople. Thus, they will need to be proficient in selling their salon products. They should be persuasive and tell their customers how their salon products can help maintain their hairstyles in the long run.

This is an important skill not only for earningprofits but also to ensure that your customer will still have their pretty hairstyle after they walk out of the salon.

Final Thoughts

If you have the passion for styling your friends’ hairs or an eye and the skills for good hairstyling, then being a professional hairstylist should work for you. You will be an important figure on how people look their best and flaunt an amazing and unique hairstyle.

If you are dreaming about becoming a successful hairstylist in the near future, then you will have to build the above qualities in order to make sure that your customers will leave happy and satisfied with your work.

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