Every day and in every industry, innovations occur in this fast-paced world. Styling your house and workplace is an important aspect of enhancing the overall appearance of the area. Choosing the proper glass for your house or workplace, on the other hand, might be difficult. Choosing between the various styles, materials, and features might be difficult. As a result, conducting study ahead of time is critical, as knowing the optimum option for glass applications is critical.

Various types of glass

Glasses such as frosted glass, lacquered glass, tinted glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, and many others are available from AIS. Such glass can be utilized for your interiors, such as doors, partitions, staircases, shower screens, and so on, as well as your exteriors, such as windows, facades, and so on. The ideal glass items for the interiors and exteriors of your houses and offices are described below.

Interior design:

Lacquered glass by AIS Décor

You can make your home look contemporary and fresh with our lacquered glass collection. This glass is made by painting one side of the glass with a particular high-quality paint. Lacquered glass creates a vibrant and imaginative look for walls and furniture by combining color and light effects. The color enhances spaces and animates the surroundings with reflections and brilliance, thanks to the glass. This sort of glass can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and workplaces, as well as doors, walls, and cabinets.

AIS Securityglas is a company that makes security glass.

Laminated glass is another option for your home’s interior design. A flexible PVB interlayer is used to adhere two or more sheets of glass together to create this glass. The PVB interlayer blocks up to 99 percent of UV radiation while still allowing necessary visible light to get through. Accidental human impact can be absorbed by the link between the glass and the interlayer. If the glass breaks, the shards stick to the interlayer, reducing the risk of injury to individuals. People can also benefit from the excellent sound insulation capabilities of this glass.

Stronglas AIS

Tempered glass, often known as toughened glass, is a type of safety glass that has been subjected to a series of regulated thermal or chemical treatments. When compared to normal glass, this procedure boosts the strength of the glass by 4 to 5 times. When tempered glass fractures, it shatters into microscopic bits that inflict minimal injury to people. As a result, it’s suitable for a wide range of indoor and exterior applications.

Swytchglas AIS

At the flip of a switch, this sort of glass can change its light transmission qualities and turn transparent or translucent. To improve privacy and beauty, use this glass in doors, windows, skylights, and dividers.

For the outside:

Glasses that are insulated

Insulated glass is made up of two or more glass panels separated by an air space and a spacer made of aluminum or another material. Insulated glass is a more energy-efficient glazing technology due to the combination of two glass panels and trapped air. Installing this glass will ensure that heat build-up in the summer is reduced, as well as heat loss and condensation in the winter.

Installing this glass will also help air conditioning, heating expenses, UV transmission, wind load strength, and a variety of other factors.

Opal AIS

This type of glass might be useful for preventing light from entering your home. It comes in a variety of sizes to suit any demand and offers exceptional value for money. You may order personalized glass in a variety of sizes, designs, and thicknesses from us.

Tinted with AIS

If sun heat is a problem in your environment, tinted glass is the best solution. It absorbs 30 to 45 percent of solar heat and thus helps to lower energy expenditures. Our glass is also extremely adaptable, allowing you to incorporate current design trends into your area.

You will feel at ease, safe, and secure using our products and services.

With such a large selection available, choosing the proper glass might be difficult. In these situations, hiring a well-known glass specialist can be really beneficial. A glass specialist on board can transform the appearance of your home or office.

Reflective Glass with a Soft Coat

This glass is made by a chain reaction depositing metal particles on the glass surface in a vacuum tank. Soft coat glass is another name for this type of glass. It outperforms all other pyrolytic coated glasses in terms of shading coefficients.

Reflective Glass with a Hard Coat

Hard coat glass is extremely durable and may be easily heat treated. This allows it to be curled to your specifications and is available in a variety of widths and thicknesses, as well as a variety of colors.

Glasses for Residential Environments

When you look at the wonderfully built new homes in your neighborhood, you might not see any difference between the glass used in those homes and the glass used in older homes. There’s more to the glass than meets the eye, though! High-performance glass is used in modern dwellings, as opposed to the basic panes of glass found in older residences. To satisfy the needs of homeowners, high-performance glass is created in a unique way. Where ordinary glass can easily shatter, high-performance glass is strong and durable.

When it comes to the many types of glasses you should consider, there are a few high-performance options that you should not overlook.

Low-emissivity glass

You probably learned about the sun’s harmful rays in school. UV and infrared radiation can cause skin cancer and other health problems, which is why it’s so important to limit your exposure to them. Installing Low-E or low-emission glass in your windows and sliding doors is one approach to do so. Only visible light can flow through this sort of glass and into your home. In other words, it protects you from UV and infrared rays by blocking them. This is one of the various sorts of glasses that are popular among today’s homeowners.

Glass with solar control

While light entering certain areas of the home can be beneficial, light in other areas can be detrimental, making it difficult to sit in that space when it becomes too hot. The best course of action in such situations is to install sun control glass. This is a form of glass with an oxide coating on it. The coating prevents the sun’s rays from entering your home by bouncing off the glass’s surface. You won’t have to worry about a dimly lit environment because natural light will still enter your home. The main purpose is to keep heat from accumulating. The most significant advantage is that you won’t have to rely on the air conditioning all of the time.

Low-E Solar Glass

When it comes to different types of glasses that have dual uses, you can’t go wrong with solar Low-E glass. The solar coating on this glass is the same as on solar control glass, and it has Low-E glass qualities. This implies that the sun’s heat will bounce off the surface instead of accumulating indoors. It will also prevent UV and infrared radiation from entering your house. This type of glass is ideal for sections of your home that must be well-lit and in continual usage.

In your home, where can you use various types of glasses?

High-performance glass has a wide range of uses, and you may easily decorate your home with it. The following are some examples of how you might utilize these various types of glasses in your home:

The building face can be composed of high-performance glass to keep the residence cool while maintaining its modern appearance.

These various types of glasses can be used to create skylights. These glasses can also be used to build lofty windows near the roof.

With the help of these many varieties of glassware, you may make glass windows all around your house. They’re also suitable for sliding doors.
Internal barriers made of high-performance glass can increase your home’s overall energy efficiency.

Glasses for Commercial Environments

Every company aims to provide their employees with a modern and stimulating work environment. This is one of the reasons why modern business spaces are in such high demand. The types of glasses you use on the exterior and inside of the building are one of the most important factors in creating a professional atmosphere. Don’t be fooled into thinking that there is only one type of glass that is appropriate for business environments! You can choose from a variety of feature-rich options to transform any commercial area into a modern one.

Glass that saves energy

Many businesses nowadays try to reduce their carbon footprint. Efforts to save energy are frequently cited as CSR activities, which is why providing commercial premises with built-in energy efficiency solutions can be a great idea for builders and developers. One of the greatest types of glasses to utilize for this is energy-efficient glass.

On the other hand, a calm working environment is one of the most basic expectations of any employee. Solar control glass is useful in this situation. Solar control glass is constructed with double glazing to keep the heat out of the space. As a result, the space will not heat up as rapidly, resulting in a far more pleasant working environment.

Solar control glass can be utilized in every window throughout the building. Within the heat control spectrum, AIS provides three distinct types of glasses. These are the following:

Low-E glass, also known as low emissivity glass, prevents UV and IR rays from entering the area. As a result, while light is capable of heating, heat is not permitted to enter. This helps to keep the area cool.

Solar control glass – As previously mentioned, one of the most common glasses used in commercial buildings to decrease heat infiltration is solar control glass.

Controlling the sun GoGlass — This is one of the forms of glass that blocks solar radiation and keeps the interiors cool. This is the best option for places that experience a lot of solar glare on a daily basis.

On a similar vein, such glasses can be used on windows in malls, standalone stores, and restaurants to ensure that customers inside enjoy a relaxing environment. These glasses are quite adaptable and can be worn in a variety of situations.

For privacy, use glass.

When designing a commercial location, you must consider the interiors just as much as the exteriors. Both from the outside world and within their four walls, offices demand a certain level of seclusion. Here are some examples of eyewear that you may utilize to provide your customers more privacy:

View control glass – This type of glass is meant to block the view from specific angles. This is one of the best forms of glass for large windows that view out into common areas.

Glass with Polymer Dispersed Crystal – This is one of the greatest varieties of glasses for usage in the building’s interiors, particularly in private cabins or conference rooms. The window will turn opaque with the stroke of a single button, ensuring that no one can see inside the cabin or conference room.

Back painted glass – One of the glasses used to give a splash of color is back painted glass. Because different companies have distinct corporate colors, these glasses are best used in common places like the lobby, patios, balcony, and cafeteria. Because this form of glass is opaque, it can be utilized to create a privacy barrier.

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