Below are our Editor’s Choice picks from CES 2022, which include the items and gadgets that excite our editors, engineers, scientists, and product experts the most:

Electric Pickup Truck with a Long Range

Silverado EV 2024


The rising electrification of automobiles, together with advancements in advanced driver-assist technology, was a key theme at the event. The topic of batteries in electric variations allowing for the extended range was front and center – That is most certainly the case with the all-new Chevy Silverado EV, which is powered by Ultium battery packs and is expected to have a range of up to 400 miles when it debuts in 2023. The electric pickup truck will be constructed in Chevy’s Michigan plant, just as the Hummer EV versions.

Hair Coloring in a Different Way



You might be asking how haircare relates to a technology presentation. The Colorsonic hair coloring equipment was unveiled by L’Oreal’s Research & Innovation Tech Incubator. The handheld device is meant to create individualized, exact blends that can be applied and distributed simply at home. Our Beauty Lab experts are eager to get their hands on it — and their brains on it!

Station for Connected Health

Scan of the Body


Body Scan has been unveiled by Withings, a firm recognized for its connected health tech devices. The technology uses a smart scale coupled to a retractable handle, which together contain sensors and electrodes for analysis, to measure body composition and heart rate. Updates to the related app are in the works, and will collect feedback on nutrition, sleep, exercise, and stress management, as well as provide access to medical professionals.

Bathing Technology that is Smarter



PerfectFill is a smart bathing system that uses voice control or an app to fill a tub, but it goes a step farther than other fillers by incorporating a smart drain. A bath can be drawn at the perfect temperature and fill level thanks to the technology. While our experts have seen smart bath fillers, Dan DiClerico, our Home Improvement Director, who saw the device firsthand, said he loved the drain integration, which makes it genuinely automatic. It will be sold as a drain kit (drain assembly and controller) that may be used with a Kohler digital valve, spout, and bath when it becomes available.

High-Tech Refrigerator with Customizability

French-Door Refrigerator Made-to-Order


Samsung’s newest line of appliances, which includes this Bespoke French Door refrigerator with Family Hub, puts design first. It’s available in three or four doors, 12 distinct colors, and two different finishes. The nicest feature is that you may create your own custom color schemes. You’ll be able to stream Samsung TV Plus, a new feature for 2022, use it with Alexa-enabled devices, and take advantage of an improved version of the internal camera technology with the Family Hub.

Smart Sleeping Methods

360 Smart Bed is a brand-new product.

Number of Hours of Sleep

Sleep Number, a Good Housekeeping Seal holder, has consistently pleased us with new solutions for providing consumers with a comfortable night’s sleep. The latest smart bed from the brand incorporates sensors and technologies to adjust to the sleeper’s changing needs (s). The bed can adjust to the different comfort levels of each person. The bed can regulate the temperature on each side of the bed, detect snoring and modify the head of the bed as needed, tilt to maintain appropriate spinal alignment while elevating the head, or entirely lower and elevate to make it easier for sleepers to get in and out of bed. The embedded sensors may also be able to detect and monitor additional health issues in the future.

Solar Shingles That Can Be Nailed

Timberline Solar is a company that produces solar panels.

GAF Energy is a company that produces renewable energy.

The in-depth study of GAF’s Good Housekeeping Seal-holding roofing by our Engineering team confirmed how ultra-strong and long-lasting it is. That’s why we were thrilled to discover about the new Timberline Solar from GAF Energy, the firm’s sibling company. The solar shingles are meant to be installed with a nail gun, just like a standard roof shingle! Roofers can choose from a variety of all-in-one solar systems, so they don’t have to choose between quality and convenience. The product, which is made in San Jose, California, received UL 7103 certification in the fall of 2021, making it a building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) roof covering that can be installed on residential rooftops as a roofing + solar energy solution.

Innovation in Smart Locks

Smart WiFi Encode Plus Deadbolt


Smart door locks provide homeowners more control over their homes, allowing them to lock, unlock, and monitor lock activity in real time without losing security. For the first time in the United States, this smart lock solution will work with Apple’s home keys for iPhone or Apple Watch, allowing homeowners to unlock their door without having to unlock their device! The Schlage Home app, as well as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, will work with the new lock. The fact that the hardware will be available in a variety of styles and finishes is certainly a plus for our home editors!

Tractor with complete autonomy

Deere & Company

John Deere, a company known for its capable tractors, has claimed that it has developed a fully autonomous tractor that is ready for mass production. The 8R tractor will be combined with a slew of new innovative technologies. Given that feed demand has increased but land availability has decreased, the introduction is intended to help feed the world more efficiently. While this equipment is aimed toward farmers, we can’t wait for the technology to trickle down to our backyard machines!

An Improved Laundry Experience

FX Washing Machine and Dryer


At Good Housekeeping, we’re no strangers to testing the latest and finest washers and dryers. LG keeps innovating in this field, as evidenced by its latest FX laundry duet. It uses intelligence to recognize load size, fabric kinds, and soil levels, then adjusts the wash cycle and detergent amount automatically. The dryer then “speaks” to the washer, instructing it to select the appropriate cycle for the load and to preheat for faster drying periods. There are also more downloaded cycles available, like as pet care, and the washer self-cleans. While we haven’t tested this model yet, LG washers and dryers have always performed admirably in our tests, and we can’t wait to put them to the test. Carolyn Forte, our Cleaning Appliances Director, believes they will “make doing laundry easier than ever!” based on what she’s observed.

Miniature and Powerful Combi-Oven

7-in-1 Compact Oven by HomeChef


In the large appliance area, built-in combi-steam ovens have been popular, but more and more businesses are introducing countertop models. Panasonic’s 7-in-1 model steams, convection bakes, air fries, ferments, sterilizes, and more. Panasonic toaster ovens have done well in prior testing, according to Nicole Papantoniou, our Kitchen Appliances Director, so we’re excited to get our hands on this one to evaluate.

Over-the-Range Microwave with Multiple Functions

Microwave Oven for Over-the-Range Cooking


There have been some interesting microwave innovations, but none that have blown us away since air frying became available in select models a few years ago. LG’s newest over-the-range microwave can steam cook for more flavorful results, a trend Papantoniou is seeing more of. It also has a broad ventilation area for better ventilation. The microwave connects to the ThinQ app, which provides recipes that may be purchased.

Smart Faucet of the Future

Motion-Controlled Smart Faucet


Moen has overlaid motion controls on a new handle-free design, building on the brand’s existing Smart Faucet offering. We’ve tried speech controls with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in our laboratories, and we like being able to administer precise amounts of water with just our voice. You can now request particular temperatures, such as two cups at 100°F. What got us even more thrilled was the announcement of Moen’s Smart Water Network connectivity with the smart faucet and other smart water devices, such as a sump pump monitor, water monitor and shutdown, leak detection, and smart shower controller. Smart gadgets will soon be able to interact with one another, assisting in the prevention of damage from leaks or burst pipes.

Cordless Stick Vacuum with Auto-Empty

All-in-One Cordless Stick Vacuum CordZero


At the Good Housekeeping Institute, we’ve done our fair share of stick vac testing. For a sleek, compact, and clean vacuum system, this model stores its six attachments in a self-emptying tower. A telescopic wand is included in the design, which can be adjusted to reach further when cleaning and to compress when storage. The hand vacuum can also be detached for easier spot cleaning. It’s also WiFi enabled, so you can use the ThinQ app to do diagnostics as needed. Forte is impressed since this technique will address concerns such as untidy emptying, difficult storage, and misplaced attachments.

Televisions that are larger and brighter

Micro LED Television


TVs took center stage at this year’s CES, as they did at previous years. The natural evolution is for things to get bigger, brighter, thinner, and just grander. This year was no exception for all of our favorite television shows. The new state-of-the-art Micro LED portfolio from Samsung, on the other hand, stood out. The enormous displays (up to 178″ with the modular system!) immediately impress with their visual sharpness, color contrast, and color accuracy. They also come with a slew of additional usability and personalization options, such as Dolby Atmos premium audio and Multi View, which allows you to draw material from four distinct sources at once. With an imperceptible bezel and razor-thinness, these revolutionary units will integrate effortlessly into your living environment.

Air Purifier with a Smart Design

Smart True HEPA Air Purifier by EverestAir


Levoit, a seal-holding brand, has pleased us with its HVAC products, which include everything from our favorite humidifiers to excellent air purifiers. That’s why we were so pleased to hear more about the EverestAir, the company’s newest air purifier, which features smart control via the VeSync app and a sleek design. DiClerico, the director of Home Improvement, was blown away. “It features a stylish appearance, sophisticated controls with real-time air quality updates, and amazing air cleaning,” he summarized.

Experience with Meta Fitness

Liteboxer VR (Virtual Reality)


Another popular topic during the trade event was the metaverse. Consider it the next generation of the Internet, in which users become increasingly immersed in connected digital and virtual activities. While the metaverse is taking on a variety of shapes, one that piqued our interest was the possibility of it being linked to our fitness goals, as the newly revealed Liteboxer VR demonstrates. Users can virtually recreate Liteboxer’s boxing equipment with in-app coaches and training in Meta Quest 2 (previously Oculus Quest 2). Olivia Lipski, a Media and Tech reviews analyst who saw the system in action, enjoyed that you don’t need to buy any boxing equipment and that you can work out with a trainer or just to your favorite music. “It seemed like a fun video game,” she said, adding, “and is definitely a unique approach to get folks off the sofa and moving!”

Backpack with Self-Tracking

Backpack with Cypress Hero


Targus, a company recognized for producing high-quality, low-cost laptop cases and computer accessories, unveiled a new bag with built-in position monitoring. It’s designed to help you locate the backpack from anywhere using the Find My app if it’s misplaced –or to help you use the backpack to monitor a lost phone if it’s lost. The business claims it is created from 26 plastic bottles, just like the other bags in the Cypress Hero EcoSmart collection.

Projector with all-in-one functionality

The Unrestricted


Projectors, lights, and speakers have all become hot goods among our readers as we’ve all spent more time at home. With The Freestyle, Samsung takes it a step further by combining all three into a single device. The portable device may be moved around effortlessly and can display high-quality video and music from almost anyplace (you can purchase a separate battery for an entirely wireless option). Consider taking a cross-country RV vacation, going to an outdoor movie, hanging funky art in your living room, or putting on a fun show in your kids’ playroom. Lipski was impressed by the device’s “HD visual quality and brightness for such a little device, and it incorporates surround sound for a cinema sense,” according to Lipski, who got to interact with it at the show.

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