Since the late 1800s, there have been residential elevators. In her Massachusetts home, author Edith Wharton had an elevator that could transport visitors’ bags to the third story. Many of the grand, opulent palaces in New York and Chicago also featured elevators inside, some of which could carry visitors right to the upper floors’ ballrooms.

Residential elevators are becoming more and more commonplace today for more practical reasons of comfort, mobility, and style. For individuals who are elderly or have mobility challenges, they are especially helpful in offering a safer alternative to stairs. According to National Safety Council statistics, falls are to blame for one-third of all non-fatal injuries in the country. Fortunately, installing a secure and practical house elevator makes it simple to prevent becoming one of those statistics.

Why should your house have a home elevator? A domestic elevator is a useful asset that can enhance safety, make getting about easier, or add a touch of beauty and flair to your home. The top advantages of a house elevator include:

1. Use a home elevator to age in place

Why are home elevators necessary? A domestic elevator can help you age in place by offering the following:

Convenience is one of the main justifications for installing a residential elevator. As you age, you could notice that you lose interest in stair climbing, especially when you’re lugging big boxes, groceries, laundry, or luggage. The ease of a home elevator makes regular household tasks simpler and more enjoyable. A home elevator won’t take up a lot of room in your house because of its streamlined, discreet form.

Comfort: Even if you enjoy using the stairs, repetitive excursions might put stress on your muscles, ligaments, and cardiovascular system. However, using a beautifully constructed home elevator is a very different experience. It’s a cozy, soothing sensation to be able to stand and float gently upward or downhill. You can even discover that you travel further to the upper and lower floors just to ride in your lovely elevator once more.

Maintaining your freedom is another motivation to install domestic elevator lift part suppliers. If you have medical conditions that limit your mobility, you might notice a gradual decline in your freedom. Even a little slip or fall can result in injuries that render the upper floor of your home either temporarily or permanently inaccessible to you. You can regain your independence and feel like yourself once more by using a home elevator, which enables you to move around your house as you like. You can easily move up and down the levels of your home with a home elevator.

Maintaining your own schedule: Regaining your independence goes hand in hand with this benefit. If you need assistance climbing stairs, your schedule is frequently out of your control. If your husband is taking a shower and you want to go downstairs to make coffee, you must wait until he is done or run the danger of falling and getting hurt. You can move around your house whenever you choose with a home elevator, independent of other people’s schedules.

2. Additional Comfort and Luxury

There are many justifications for installing a home elevator. One is to raise the level of luxury and convenience in your home. Along with that, anticipate:


When building a home elevator, quality is a function of price. You receive excellent craftsmanship and durable, dependable materials with Residential Elevators, which will last and operate securely for years. You want an elevator made of sturdy, high-quality materials that will last for years since your safety and the safety of your guests are on the line.


You may acquire a gorgeous, full-sized elevator from Residential Elevators that will complement your architecture and decor. It is constructed of materials like aluminum, stainless steel, and cut glass. For instance, our “fish tank” elevator is a beautifully made item that would improve the appearance of any house. A glass-walled elevator’s handcrafted unique design can help you take advantage of the stunning view and natural light whether you own a coastal property or a house in the highlands. We provide a range of exquisite styles and enticing features that can be customized, including glass observation panels, ornamental mirrors, scissor or accordion gates, LED light fittings, accenting handrails, and a choice of lovely woods and deep stains.

Saving Room

People can’t go straight up and down stairs, at least not without ropes and carabiners, therefore stairwells take up a lot of space in a house. However, because they can only travel vertically, house elevators are streamlined and thin. You can maintain open space in your home thanks to their compact shape, which typically has a footprint of approximately 15 square feet, or the size of a closet.


You may begin to look forward to using the home elevator because it is enjoyable to use one. Going up or down between floors can become a joyful journey because to the easy, gliding motion and the entertaining design. There is bound to be a style of custom house elevator that you will enjoy riding in for many years to come.


A home elevator might be a huge help if you want to host lavish, enjoyable house parties. Caterers can move between floors with ease thanks to a home elevator, which eliminates the need to carry bulky trays or carts up and down stairs. Additionally, if your visitors have a bit too much fun, a home elevator may make it safe and comfortable for everyone to move between floors.

Maintaining grandkids

A house elevator can be of great assistance if you look after little grandchildren or even if you occasionally babysit. Many young children find climbing stairs to be intimidating. You risk hurting yourself by carrying too much weight if you try to carry a child upstairs or downstairs because even the smallest children can be shockingly hefty. You might also make yourself more likely to tumble and slip, which could result in injuries for both of you. Helping children navigate between upper and lower floors is simple with a house elevator. The excitement of riding in the elevator will also be enjoyed by the little ones.

Looking after elderly parents

Similarly, if you have elderly parents who live with you, you might find that they have difficulty climbing stairs. More and more senior citizens are relocating in with their adult children today. In comparison to a generation before, 14% of persons who live in another person’s home are a parent of the head of the home, according to some study. Installing a home elevator will make life much simpler and easier for your elderly parents if they reside with you. You’ll feel more at ease knowing that your parents may move around your house safely and pleasantly without running the risk of slipping or falling on the stairs if you install a home elevator.

Supporting an Aged Pet

It goes without saying that animals also age and lose their ability to climb steep steps. A house elevator can be useful if you have elderly pets that frequently need to go outside but aren’t as adept at climbing stairs as they previously were. If your elderly dogs are afraid of the elevator, an excellent technique to assist them get over their phobia is to associate the elevator with praise and delectable treats.

3. Mobility Issues and Disabilities

A home elevator can ease your life in a number of ways if you or a member of your household is limited in their mobility due to illness, accident, or disability:

Accessibility: The improved access that a residential elevator offers is one of its most important advantages. If you have trouble getting around your house due to mobility issues, a domestic elevator can be immensely liberating. You can find yourself confined to the ground floor if you fall or become otherwise limited in your movement, such as if you hurt your knee when skiing or twist your ankle while ice skating. You can regain your ability to move freely across your entire house by using a home elevator.

Functionality: Even if you can use the stairs, lugging large boxes, grocery bags, sports equipment, or a pile of laundry may make them challenging. What were once simple, routine domestic chores may now become taxing responsibilities. With the use of a home elevator, you can regain some of that previous capability and carry out household tasks and transport objects with ease. You can load up our residential elevators with gear and they will still transport you up and down your home safely and effectively because they can carry up to 950 pounds.

Security: It’s also possible that you can use the stairs but are apprehensive about falling and getting hurt. Falls are the biggest cause of preventable injury-related death for Americans 65 and over, as well as the top cause of nonfatal injuries across all age categories. Even slight mobility impairments can make it difficult to walk or climb stairs, especially if there are pets or children’s toys nearby. These worries are all but eliminated with a home elevator. You can stand in the comfortable security of the elevator chamber and let the trip safely transport you to your destination. You may travel safely and worry-free in any of our residential elevators thanks to their quiet, smooth raising action.

4. Making Your Home More Valuable

Do elevators increase the value of homes? Absolutely. In a few different ways, home elevators can raise your home’s value and asking price:

Accessibility value: You’re not the only one who needs a home elevator for mobility or health reasons. Many people in comparable circumstances might wish they, too, had the comfort and elegance of a house elevator. A home elevator will be seen as a desirable asset by many buyers if you decide to sell your house. Buyers of homes would probably be willing to pay a lot more for this luxury.

Retirement value: Even if prospective homeowners don’t need an elevator right away, they would appreciate having one if they ever need accessible features. The Baby Boomer population in the United States is substantial and aging, now hovering around 70 million, with the youngest members being over 50 and the oldest members being close to 75. A home elevator might be what convinces some of those people to buy because they may be searching for grand mansions to retire in. Even more purchasers than would have been initially interested in purchasing your home might be drawn to it.

Design value: Even if they don’t require a home elevator for mobility concerns, purchasers may adore the convenience and elegance of one. Like a skillfully designed deck or opulent pool, a high-quality home elevator that is seamlessly integrated into the architecture and style of your house is an appealing, useful amenity. Many customers would gladly pay more for it.

It need not be difficult or expensive to install a home elevator. A home elevator is the ideal answer if you want to increase the value of your house but are concerned about upsetting your schedule or your living arrangements. Home elevators are simple and painless to build, unlike kitchen or bathroom remodels that need you to tear out large portions of your living area, frequently for weeks at a time. The majority of your home would remain free and open as usual because they can be discreetly attached to existing walls and take up little space.

Additionally adaptable are residential elevators. They may be used in a variety of homes thanks to their unique design. Do you live in a large, elegant house where an elevator would make it easier for you to move around? A great solution is a home elevator. Or perhaps you have a charming townhouse and want a stylish, convenient means to get between the two stories. Another solution is a residential elevator.

No matter when it is installed, an elevator increases the value of your house. We’ve asked owners of home elevators in our internal surveys if they thought the elevator was a wise investment. Regardless of whether they installed the elevator after the house was finished or had it built into the original structure, at least 92% of respondents replied yes.

Residential Elevators Offers Custom Home Elevators.

We manufacture, ship, install, and service all of our elevators here at Residential Elevators, so we provide a full range of services. We also employ more sophisticated technology and superior materials than many of our rivals.

We have been a family business for thirty years. There are no intermediaries or subcontractors working for us, thus there are no additional costs. Every person who interacts with one of our elevators works for Residential Elevators, and because of this individualized attention, we produce each elevator carefully and precisely. Our goods are attractive, useful, and dependable. Along with increasing the appearance and value of your house throughout the course of its lifetime, they can offer convenience and security.


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