We will be comparing all of the top IG growth service providers that are still available on the market in 2021. All your questions regarding Instagram growth tools will also be answered here. This article will help to choose the best Instagram growth tool that is right for you in 2021.

How Instagram Growth Services Work

We need to answer this question by looking at different Instagram growth services. These terms are what you will find if you search for them. Instagram growth”Service for Instagram growth”, or “How to increase your Instagram followersThere are very few services that include Instagram followers growth packages.

The majority of search results are from websites that sell fake Instagram fans. Some are related to free coins apps. These can be simple follow-for follow methods or growth tools that help you schedule Instagram posts, find better hashtags, and even create Instagram feed planners. There are only a handful of results that offer real follower growth services.

Let’s have a closer look at the different Blogwerk.com Instagram growth services and help you choose the best service for your needs.

Top 3 Instagram Growth Services That Work in 2021

There are three types of Instagram Growth Services currently available in the market. They all claim to be the best Instagram growth services that will help you grow your Instagram followers organically. Let’s take a look at each one to see which one is best for organic growth. Let’s take a look at some reviews of Instagram growth services to find out which one is best for you.

1. Instagram Growth Service with a Real Account Manager

Many Instagram management companies claim they can increase your followers. But only a handful of them actually has the ability to do so. Instagram Account Management packages they offer worry-free management for your Instagram account.

You want to grow organically on Instagram and without any risk?

Do not allow bots to control your life!

The idea of an Instagram management service should include a dedicated Instagram account manager who will grow your account like a professional Instagrammer. Your account manager will:

  • Create a community of your followers
  • Engage with Instagram users who are qualified to visit your page.
  • You can draw them to your site using proven methods.
  • Make your Instagram account a monetizable platform and turn followers into loyal customers
  • Finally, grow your business organically on Instagram.
  • They will be a loyal follower of yours once they see the greatness in you!

AiGrow: Best Instagram Growth Agency with Followers Service

AiGrow can help you increase your followers, increase engagement, and generate more income. It’s one of the top Instagram management services that can help grow your business organically on Instagram.


AiGrow is an all-in-one Instagram Growth Service

Follow these steps to see how AiGrow can help you increase your Instagram followers.

  • After free signup, AiGrow will ask you to configure your targeting settings.
  • An AI-powered engine will create a list qualified Instagram users.
  • A dedicated growth specialist will assign you and will work with you to engage those users.
  • You don’t need to do anything with your IG account. Select your niche and choose the number of followers you desire (or your preferred locations). AiGrow’s AI powered engine will then generate a list qualified Instagram users. AiGrow will then do the rest. This means that AiGrow experts will interact with them to get to your page.

Why should I choose AiGrow for my Instagram Management Service?

It’s fast (instant followers delivery)
AiGrow’s system will immediately get you started, delivering new followers in the first 2 days. It’s almost like having a team of dedicated people working alongside you.

It is easy and safe to use for organic growth

No more need to search hashtags, track down users to like, comment, follow, unfollow, or like. You just need to configure the engine, and AiGrow will do the rest.

It’s safe, as it combines AI with humans. Bots can’t do everything, but they make it easier for experts grow your Instagram account naturally.

It’s smart to use Instagram marketing

The AI algorithm will determine the most appropriate Instagram users based upon hashtags, popular accounts, and even location. Real leads translate into real results and real performance when the right people are found.

Additional Growth Tools to Accelerate Your Instagram Growth

  • Powerful Post Scheduler Tool: You can download, post and/or repost your Instagram Stories, Stories, IGTV, IGTV, or YouTube Converter. This allows you to share YouTube videos directly on
  • Instagram without having to download.
  • Smart Instagram Giveaway Picker Tool: Automated system to let users share your posts to gain rewards. This smart tool makes it easy to host giveaways or contests on Instagram.
  • All-in-one Bio-Link Tool: Create multiple links to web pages, feed posts, and more.
  • Smart DM marketing Tool: Automate your Instagram Direct Messages to send bulk DMs, auto-response & auto-reply DMs, DM to email that help you check your Instagram DMs from emails.
  • Bulk Delete Tool: This can help you a lot when you want to change your niche. This feature allows you to delete all of your Instagram posts at once, and then start over.
  • Instagram Analytics Tool: Let AiGrow instantly analyze your page and report how you measure up against 100,000+ Instagram accounts today.
  • Social Monitoring Tool: Use hashtags to monitor your Instagram competitors, find all mentions and find relevant content for your Instagram Stories or Feed. Repost with just one click.

Final review of AiGrow, an Instagram growth service

AiGrow, with over 280K Instagram accounts running and 48M followers growth delivered, seems to be one of the most reliable growth tools on the market. Their AI targeting and expert team are so strong that they offer 7 days of manual growth activities at $19.

AiGrow promises real follower growth. If you’re not satisfied with your service or the number of followers, cancel your subscription within 7 days and receive your money back. It’s as simple as that!

2. Instagram Growth Service with DM Marketing Service

Direct message marketing (also known as DM Marketing) is another way to increase your followers, create professional relationships and grow your Instagram business. It’s easy: just send direct messages (to individuals or brands) to ask them to follow your page.

SimplyGram – IG Growth Service That Works Through DMs

SimplyGram claims that you can reach 5000 followers per month by simply sending DMs. Is it possible? We all know that DM Marketing is a great way to increase your followers. Why should someone pay for follower-growth packages that send a specific DM only to all? It is risk-free to send this many DMs. Let’s take a closer look at SimplyGram as an Instagram growth platform.


SimplyGram as an IG Growth Service

After signing up for free, SimplyGram will need to receive your Instagram accounts from your competitors and any hashtags that are relevant to your niche.
SimplyGram will use between 25 and 100 reserved Instagram accounts to send spam DMs every day and talk about your Instagram account.
According to their calculations, people will visit your page if they see the DMs. (and perhaps they will follow you).
Final review of SimpyGram, an Instagram growth service

Based on our experience, SimplyGram should now be considered an Instagram Auto DM Service that can help increase your Instagram exposure through spamming Instagram users via DM. This strategy is effective in certain ways, but it has some drawbacks.

  • DMpro is a better tool than DMpro if you want to increase your Instagram reach through DM marketing.
  • In certain cases, spamming users on Instagram can cause you to lose your exposure
  • It is not guaranteed that people will visit your site and follow you.
  • Because influencers and brands are busy, they won’t have the time to visit your page via anonymous DMs, you will be able to gain more low-quality fans.
  • It is way too expensive. For sending hundreds of DMs, it costs $99 per week. You can save money by using IG-DM or DMpro to send hundreds of DMs.

3. Instagram Growth Service with Growth Bots

An Instagram growth bot can be defined as any program, service or application that mimics a human and automates basic Instagram functions. The growth service you use will determine the quality of your automation. This Instagram automation generally consists of three parts:

1. Follow Instagram – Unfollow Bot

  • Auto-engagement with posts via auto likes or comments
  • You can view Instagram Stories, Profiles and other information (automatically).
  • Nitreo – Instagram Growth Service that Works Through Automation

Nitreo is an Instagram growth service that automates your growth. This is like an Instagram account manager who automatically engages with posts via auto comments and auto likes. Nitreo also claims their Instagram bot can help you increase your Instagram followers organically by using the follow for follow method. Even though it isn’t an effective way of increasing your followers, the recent Instagram announcements suggest that using an Instagram bot is not a good option. However, Nitreo seems to be one of the best options.


How Nitreo works as an Instagram Growth Bot

  • Sign up and add the relevant hashtags to your niche.
  • Nitreo will track relevant accounts that are similar to your niche
  • Auto engagement allows you to engage with other Instagram accounts through auto comments and likes
  • Auto Story and profile viewer are tools that will allow you to make sure the Instagram algorithm is not shadowbanning your IG.

Final review of Nitreo, an Instagram growth service

Nitreo claims their platform isn’t an Instagram bot that gives you ghost followers, but it’s still not risk-free. We have already mentioned that the Instagram algorithm is now more sensitive to bots. You can’t allow bots to control your Instagram account if you want organic growth and safety. Even if it is Nitero! You can still use Nitreo to grow your Instagram followings. Nitro’s plan starts at $49 per month.

The Instagram Growth Service Final Review

There are many apps, agencies, and services that claim to help with Instagram follower growth. Only a handful of these services allow you to grow your Instagram account while remaining safe. We have reviewed three types of growth services, and listed the top growth service for each.

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