You’ll be awarded League Points (LP), which you can use to win games or lose them, once you’ve been placed in a particular division. You’ll be promoted to the next Tier once you have collected 100 LP.

Tier Promotions

You can enter the Promotion Series if you reach 100 LP and are still in Division I. You’ll be promoted if you win three of your five games. If not, you can climb back up to 100 LP and get a free entry in the next Promotion Series.

Promotional series above Gold are not subject to expiration, but those below it do. You have five days to finish a promotion series if you are promoting from Platinum 1 through Diamond 4, or Diamond 1 to Masters. A promo series can be avoided and counted as a loss.

You’ll have at least one win if you lose your promos, but you make it back into your series. This applies to all tiers up to Gold I. You’re eligible for promotion to

Platinum or higher!

If a player chooses to skip a game during champion select, they will not be eligible for promo helper when they enter their next series.

Demotions and Decay

You can drop to the bottom of your current division or tier in two ways: decay and demotion. After you stop playing for a prolonged period, decay will set in. You’ll lose LP until your next match. If you lose enough matches in a division or level, you will be demotion.


You’ll receive a number banked days when you join a Decay active division. Your Banked Days count will decrease each day by 1; if you don’t have any Banked Days, you’ll lose LP. You can still earn Banked Days more by playing games. You can earn more Banked Days per win and less LP when you decay depending on your league ranked.

Apex Tier

  • Banked days per game: 1
  • Maximum Banked Days: 10.
  • Initial Days before Decay: 10
  • 250 LP lost on decay

For diamond:

  • Banked days per game: 7
  • Maximum Banked Days: 28
  • 28 Days before Decay
  • 50 LPs Lost on Decay

You’ll be placed in your next-lowest division if you drop below zero LP due to Decay. If you are already in division IV, you will be moved to the next tier (e.g., Diamond IV to Platinum I).

Players in Iron, Bronze and Silver, as well as Gold, and Platinum, are not at risk of decay.


A losing streak that is particularly bad could lead to a drop in tiers or divisions. However, there are no minimum games that can trigger a demotion. You will be moved to the next highest division if you lose a game at zero LP. If you lose at 0LP, you will drop one tier from division IV. Your LP will go up to 75 after a demotion.

Penalties for AFK LP

Play to win. Take it seriously. Seriously.AndThese are just a few. To remove the penalty, you will need to play multiple matches.

This penalty applies to winsAndIt can take you below 0LP, but losses are not possible.
You will not be promoted if the penalty is in effect and prevents you from reaching 100 LP.
During a promotion series, the penalty does not expire.
You’ll receive a notification if an AFK/Leaver is penalized in your match.
When Compensation Mode is active, you cannot receive AFK penalties.

Consolation LP

You’ll be awarded if you lose a ranked match where disruptive behavior is detected (e.g. AFK of a teammate).Consolation LP. Each person will be given a certain amount of Consolation MP per week. If you are caught doing something unsavory, our tech Poros will display an animation showing the LP loss. We want to make sure that your rank doesn’t get affected by external forces. There are some conditions. Here’s the details. To earn Consolation MP:

You would need to be part of the losing team and therefore at risk of losing LP.
Unsavory behavior was displayed by someone on your team. Consolation LP won’t be awarded if you go AFK.
Be responsible when you party. No one in your party can earn Consolation LP if a player in your premade has been marked Leaver or AFK.
There must be some Consolation MP left. It’s a fixed amount each week.
You cannot currently participate in a promotion series.

How transfers affect Ranked

Each server has a unique ranking. After transferring, you will need to play a different set of placement games. Your current MMR will be used to determine your placement. It is possible that your new server will have a different tier/division than your old server.

You’ll lose your ranking if you go back to the same server. You will need to play new placement matches, just as you did when you moved to a different server.

Master, Grandmaster and Challenger


There are no divisions in Master Tier. Only one league is available for Master Tier competitors.
Inactivity: Master players have the option to “bank” up 10 games. Players in this tier are allowed to remove one game per day. 250 LP is lost per day if their bank balance is below 0.
There is no limit to LP. Players who continue to win will continue to earn LP and increase their lead on the standings.
A player cannot be removed from Master Tier after they have entered Master Tier.
When a player is promoted from Master Tier to Diamond

Players who are demoted out of Master will always be in Diamond I, which has 75 LP.


Grandmaster is the middle man between Master and Challenger. They’re the closest players to achieving Challenger status.
The Grandmaster tier operates on a rotating schedule of twenty-four hours. Every time the clock reaches zero, it resets all Master+ players. Grandmaster is promoted to the top Master players who have at least 200 LP and are not below Challenger. Grandmasters who have a higher LP than the lowest Challengers get promoted to Challenger and those Challengers are degraded.
Grandmaster does not have divisions. Only one tier for all Grandmaster competitors
Inactivity: Grandmaster, just like Master, can “bank” up 10 games. Players in this tier are allowed to remove one game per day. 250 LP is lost per day if their bank balance is below 0.

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