Since President Bush announced his $7.1 billion plan to get ready for the chance of a pandemic flu epidemic, physicians and scientists advised us the strategy to stock anti-inflammatory medication could possibly be faulty.

World production of this medication has been outstripped by demand for N95 respirator masks for sale and now the U.S. has arranged just a few of the antivirals Tamiflu and Relenza for approximately 5 million people.

Orders could be placed, however, if the medication can’t be produced promptly afterward what assistance are they to people? Additionally, current drugs might be of little use if brand new virus strains appear which might be immune to present drugs.

The N95 has become easily the most widely used set of particulate respirator masks which match United States government standards.

A vaccine for Bird Flu isn’t available. A vaccine against SARS has been produced, which has been over two years since SARS first struck. Consider this logically – based on the health establishment, a cure to the frequent cold has eluded science.

What realistic chance will there be for a Bird Flu cure within the not too distant future? Even if a Bird Flu vaccine is developed, it has to nevertheless be stated in bulk quantities and that takes weeks or maybe years.

What happens when Bird Flu conveys entirely into humans and occurs in your area?

The sole stable, scientific evidence of that which really operates in shielding preventing and humans Bird Flu Could Be that your mask – more especially the Nano Mask – NanoMask®

The NanoMask was exposed to rigorous scientific testing and investigation. As stated by Nelson Laboratories of Salt Lake City, an independent testing laboratory of such filters,” Bacteriophage MS2 could be the recognized standard testing receptor for several blockers. Being among the most popular viruses in 220nm it can offer a greater challenge into the filter press.

NanoMask® (Nano Mask) created by Emergency Filtration Products, was analyzed down to 27 nanometers or even.027 microns.

The president of Agency Dentistry, Doug Bedplate, informed that the most important reason NanoMasks are therefore effective in preventing viruses is their distinctive nanoparticle coating on each filter. Template said, “that the nanoparticle coating unites chlorine particles to attain an arrest and eradication of unwanted agents” To put it differently, bio-hazardous particulates such as H5N1 aren’t only blocked but ruined, but as a result of this nanoparticle coating. Yes, this kills herpes upon contact.

A conventional filter minus the nanoparticle coating, such as n-95, could become a breeding ground for a virus or fungal agent. So we caution against having any N95 mask at a pandemic or epidemic, if not to avoid regular sneezing.

But, analyze the table below revealing virus sizes, which means that you may judge for yourself just how effective the NanoMask is. N-95 can simply filter material greater in proportion compared to.3 microns, that is corresponding to 300 nanometers.

Every virus that you visit from the table is bigger than 300 nanometers, so, n-95’s fabricated by 3M, and also the majority of other masks are useless against such viruses among others.

A few quick reminders afterward concerning why many experts think that the NanoMask supplies the very ideal bird influenza protection and bird influenza prevention available supplied by the United States Department of Defence for military troops.

Removes bacteria and viruses from inhaled and exhaled breath.

The very first breathing apparatus in the world to make use of nanotechnology enhanced filter media to isolate and destroy bacterial and viral germs.

The filter is disposable. Uncomplicated insert a brand fresh filter. Shelf life is one old without exposure to ultraviolet rays. The improved facial seal makes it possible for the NanoMask (Nano Mask) to overcome the many significant failing of average N95 masks.

Adjustable for kids age 2 and greater. Low-profile does not interfere with eyewear. Mask is simple to wash and reuse again and again.

Of the techniques available to safeguard your loved ones, like antivirals, vaccines, ginseng, etc. ), a NanoMask® (Nano Mask) could be the cheapest concerning money and time, and also possibly the best.

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