Path of Exile is the best hack-n-slash coop title. Grinding Gear Games has created a huge free-to-play universe with loyal fans and an incessant stream of updates that will not slow down anytime soon. However, the game will not stay this way for very long as Path of Exile 2 is coming soon. It brings a large amount of new content and changes to its current mechanics. Let’s look at what we know so far about the sequel.

The announcement regarding Path of Exile 2 was made at ExileCon, which took place a few months ago. Grinding Gear Games stated that the new Path of Exile 2 game will not be an entirely separate title, but rather a major overhaul of the current version of Path of Exile. The team is not only creating a new campaign but also changing the customization mechanics, classes and animations. GGG anticipates Path of Exile 2 will be released in 2021. This means that there is a long road ahead. There will be beta testing at the end of this year.

The Campaign

A sequel would not be complete without a new story, and Grinding Gear Games has provided a lot of it. Path of Exile 2 will feature a new campaign to go along with the one that was already in place, according to the original announcement. The new opening cinematic will be shown in the POE 2 trailer. There will also be new areas to explore. This will bring with it, new enemies.

The Enemies

Path of Exile 2 will feature a new cast of enemies, from one-shot-one kill minions to bosses to the more difficult. GGG admitted that some of their older bosses felt outdated and they are working to improve the gameplay of some of the low-end bosses. This will add another level of difficulty and more terrifying figures to the game that players will have nightmares about. Two of these bosses were already present in the demo, and they looked more sophisticated than the ones we see in the campaign.

The Classes

We know that classes in Path of Exile will be the same, but due to a gem overhaul, they’ll feel completely new. GGG will change the way players manage and equip their skills. All classes will get new abilities and builds. Another reason to be excited: Classes now have Shapeshifting, which was requested by the community. This new mechanic will be carefully implemented into the new game.


Path of Exile 2 will allow players to seamlessly transform into beasts. Most RPGs think of shapeshifting as a faster way to move or a more powerful body to pass through groups without being hurt. We can expect more from POE 2. GGG claims that shapeshifting can be done instantly by pressing a button. The player will have the ability to change between the two whenever he/she likes. Each “shape” will have a specific skill set that corresponds to a series of in-game moves. These moves will scale depending upon your gear’s damage, whether you are an archer or witch. We know for now that the Werewolf will shapeshift into a bear-like form. However, there may also be a panther, bear, and cheeta. We will have to wait until next year to learn more about the plans for this mechanic.


Fans who have been playing the game for a while will know that the game received a major visual overhaul last year. This included dynamic lighting and visual enhancements throughout the entire universe of Path of Exile. With the new graphics engine, the team will take that visual overhaul to the next level. ExileCon gave us a preview of the final product and it is amazing.


The endgame of Path of Exile won’t change much in the sequel, and that’s 100% a positive thing. We love the Atlas endgame. Similar RPGs fall prey to the same trap: creating massive stories and universes that don’t exist after level cap. This is true even if you aren’t a PvP player. Path of Exile 2 still has some work to do before the campaign ends. We’ll be able to find the Atlas mapping system and ascendancies as well as end-game grinding. More content will come down the line.

Gems – Items

We dive into the reasons why we are eager for the sequel. GGG will be doing a major overhaul of gems and how they function for each build. First, let’s forget about the 2-link item caps. All items can now become 6-links, which opens up a lot of possibilities for creating new combinations. We won’t have sockets for gear. Instead, we will create a panel that allows you to tweak each piece of gear individually and swap out gear without having your item removed. This panel will allow you to see the DPS output of each gem, which will be a huge plus for fans. You can also transfer gem experience to another gem.

The gem overhaul goes much deeper than that. Path of Exile 2 introduces new types of gems, such as the meta gem that allows you to equip Auras and activate them simultaneously. GGG has one more extension to the gem system in the sequel. It allows each gem to implement more, creating a safe space for all your support gems.

Now what?

Path of Exile 2 Naver bot has not yet been released. Grinding Gear Games plans to release the first build in 2021. A playable beta will be available late this year. More information will be available at E3 2020, according to the studio.

This doesn’t mean the original game is over. The team will continue to offer expansions and leagues throughout the year, even after the sequel is released. The Metamorph league is currently in play, so go to your preferred platform and “create some monstrosities”.

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