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Sinfiltrator Overview:

Vendor: Greg Kononenko et al

Product: Sinfiltrator

Launch Date: 2016-03-10

Launch Time: 11:00 EST

Front-End Price: $37

Official Site: http://www.sinfiltrator.net/

Niche: Software

Sinfiltrator Review – What is it ?

Sinfiltrator is a complete Training + Software package. The Software is an advanced jacking software that allows you to place YOUR call to action over the top of ANY other page on the intranet. So you can take Wikipedia, or Microsoft, or any other website and place your optin form, button, video, scarcity bar or clickable image on that website.

Look At Everything You’ll Be Able To Do With The Click Of Your Mouse

Add your own opt-in form on top of any website online
Now you’ll collect leads without having to create a ton of squeeze pages. Think of all of the links you ALREADY share online… now you’ll be sharing them with your very own opt-in form on top – getting subscribers with NO extra work or expense at all.

Place your own CPA or affiliate link on top of any website online
Think about this: how many affiliate review websites are online? Now, you can add YOUR affiliate link on top of the sites that do all of the selling work for you. When the sale gets made, YOU earn the commission. This is incredibly awesome.

Add your own Video on top of any website online, and your link below it
Have a product that’s related to someone else’s website or online article? Simply place your very own Video on top so people can watch your video. You can also place your CPA or affiliate link below so you can earn easy commissions.

Your “layer” looks beautiful everywhere
Your added moneymaker looks just as good on cell phones and tablets as they do on any browser.

Track everything
Tracking is 100% integrated so when you login to your Sinfiltrator dashboard, you’ll be able to see how each of your added moneymakers are performing.

Make more sales
Add your own “buy now” button to any website on the Internet, and let their content sell your products for you.

Go viral immediately
Since you’ll be sharing content that other people made and designed to be viral… when people share the link that has YOUR money-maker on top, that will have a great chance at going viral too! Nothing beats this.

100% web based technology
You’ll never worry about upgrades or not having access to Sinfiltrator. You don’t need to download a thing and you don’t need a fancy computer. Since it’s web-hosted, you can access it from anywhere and will always be using the latest version.

Stop making your own websites
Save the time and money you spend buying websites, hosting them, and creating content for them. For example, you no longer need to funnel traffic to a squeeze page before sending them to an affiliate offer, because they can opt-in right from any other relevant website you want!

Easy to follow, A-Z tutorials
Sinfiltrator was built with speed and ease in mind. You can create your “money layer” over any website in 40 seconds or less. You’ll also access complete video and text tutorials to show you how to take advantage of everything Sinfiltrator can do for you.

Secure and unstoppable
All links you’ll create with Sinfiltrator are 100% secure, and cannot be blocked by the website owner or host.

The Proven Funnel

Sinfiltrator FE is a complete Training + Software package.

The Software is an advanced jacking software that allows you to place YOUR call to action over the top of ANY other page on the intranet. So you can take Wikipedia, or Microsoft, or any other website and place your optin form, button, video, scarcity bar or clickable image on that website.

After you do that you can share a special encoded link in forums, FB groups, anywhere else you want. You will provide anyone who clicks that link with valuable information contained on that webpage (such as tips, articles, top 10 lists etc). And at the time which you specify, YOUR call to action will appear on that website. What does this mean? Well, to the visitor it will look like that call to action belongs to the destination website, however YOU will collect all clicks, optins, and commissions.

We are also including software tutorials, as well as the actual steps that our developer Yves has followed to make well over $3,000 in just several minutes a day sharing these links. The method is proven, with real verified results, and we have documented everything step by step.

Sinfiltrator OTO1 is Sinfiltrator PRO ($97)

Sinfiltrator Pro will be an essential upgrade in addition to the awesome functionality of the FE offer:

Own Domain Option: ability to install and use Sinfiltrator on your own domain which will mean you will be able to paste your links in complete undercover way
Use on Unlimited Own Domains: install and use on as many own domains as you want
Sell the outputs of Sinfiltrator to others, meaning can set up the optins, popups and other calls to action, and charge whatever you want for them
Create free accounts for others (cannot sell the software)

Sinfiltrator OTO2 is White Label Rights ($147):

Can sell as your own software
Complete marketing package, including all marketing materials
High converting Sales Page included
Can change software name
Sinfiltrator DS2 is White Label Rights Lite ($97)

Can sell as your own software
Can change software name
NO marketing package included
NO Sales Page included

Sinfiltrator OTO3 is Done For You & Case Studies ($67 and $37 options)

This is a collection of case studies and done for you niches. In the main OTO1 package we will have 5 case studies which show the EXACT offers Yves has created, the EXACT FB groups he has shared them in, the EXACT clicks and commissions he made, exact stats, nothing hidden. We are also providing 10 Done For You niches, along with offers to use, FB Groups to share the links in, pre-writted “Call To Action” to use for each niche.

Sinfiltrator DS3 will be presented to the customers on the same sales page as OTO1 and will give them an option to get in at the $67 or at the $37 price point. Inside they will find 2 Case studies, and 5 Done For You niches.

Price of Product?

Personally I think is a very unique product so the price $37 is a reasonable price. no doubt about its great ability, I would definitely register yourself a product like this, did you?


All of this is at your fingertips right now. And you’ll access it all with NO RISK.

As you know, I was in your position just a short while ago… frustrated, constantly trying stuff, working so hard and getting nothing in return… Sinfiltrator changed everything. And it’s changed everything for hundreds of other people.

Now it is time to let Sinfiltrator change everything for you. Isn’t that worth a one-time, risk-free investment of $37?

You bet it is. I made it this way so that you have no reason to deny yourself this incredible opportunity.

And so you have every reason in the world to close your fist on the life of your dreams… it’s sitting in the palm of your hand right now… all you have to do is grasp it.

You do that by clicking the button below right now. That’s all you have to do. Sinfiltrator will do the rest… you just have to let it.

Click the button right now and see for yourself. Everything you want is waiting for you, as soon as you click that button.

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