You get a headboard, unlike divan bases or wooden beds. This means that you won’t be injures if you step into the bed at night. Because the mattress is firmly anchored at the foot of your bed, it doesn’t move much.

Although you can buy wooden sleigh bed from places like and So To Bed, they are less common so this guide will only focus on fabric-sleigh beds (which sometimes get mispelled as slay beds).

Most people will choose between memory foam or pocket springs when choosing a mattress for their sleigh bed. Or a hybrid of both (a hybrid mattress). Although there are alternatives, such as open coil mattresses, these don’t provide the same stability that is essential for good sleep quality ( A latex cushion is another option. A latex mattress can be expensive, but they are more affordable if they are made of genuine latex and not a manmade substitute ( Dunlopilloare market leaders).

Pocket spring mattress is what most people choose. You should look for one that has more than 1000 springs. The best mattresses use natural materials like wool and cotton to regulate temperature. This is another proven method of improving your sleep quality. Hand side stitching is another feature to look out for. This makes the mattress more durable and stable at its edges. It is more expensive to buy mattresses with this feature than those that have machine side stitching.

Memory foam mattresses are a popular choice to pocket springs. They are effective in spreading your weight and relieving pressure from any part of your body, according to studies (Gunningberg, Lindholm, et al., 2013). Other researchers found a slight rise in body temperature when comparing pocketsprings to memory foam (Chiba Yabi et. al., 2018). It also reacts differently to heatwaves or cold spells. The material is marginally firmer in cold than warm. Memory foam can also pose environmental problems, both in its manufacturing and after it’s disposed of.

Garrido Font and Conesa (2018) looked at the effects of incineration on memory foam mattresses. This is a common method of disposing of a mattress. The researchers found that there were’relatively high levels’ of Ammonia and Nitric Oxide, and recommended that they be reduced. Some memory foam mattress manufacturers are more transparent about their sustainability plans than others.

A memory foam mattress is more likely than a pocket spring mattress to receive a home test period. This means that you can test it for several weeks before you make a decision.

We have selected five of the most popular sleigh beds in the UK. This was done by looking at price, specifications, customer reviews, awards, and value for money. The price is correct as of the date of writing. It is for a king-sized sleigh bed only and does not include a mattress.

Once you have found the sleigh bed that you love, you can start to…

Check the space between the slats. The National Bed Federation recommends 75mm.

1. Birlea Colorado Upholstered Sleigh Bed – £489

Birlea, a Derbyshire-based company, has this Colorado sleigh bed as one of their most popular models.

You can choose from a’stone’ or darker grey color. Happy Beds offers a 5-year guarantee, which is better than the one-year warranty on many sleigh beds.

Solid slats and sprung slats are available for sleigh beds. You might have guessed from the name that sprung slats provide a softer and more bouncier feeling, while solid slats offer a firmer feel. Although sprung slats tend to be more expensive, this is not always true. This particular sleigh bed is made with sprung slats, which gives it a more buoyant feel.

It comes flat-packed, so you will need to assemble it yourself. However, many reviewers said it was easy. It is only available in a king or super king size.

Birlea is rated an average of 3.7/5 by TrustPilot reviewers and 4.7/5 by Google reviews (as at January 20,2021).

The Pros: Very positive reviews, sprung-slats for comfort and easy assembly, five-year warranty

Cons: not in double size

We rate each product out of five stars depending on its value. Five stars are awarded to products that we believe offer ‘exceptionally high value’. Four stars indicate products that are’very good value’, while three stars indicate products that are ‘good value. Our rating is based on factors like brand reputation, review length, price em>

The Birlea sleigh bed is available in a choice of a’stone-coloured’…
…or a darker colour.

2. Dreams Lucia Upholstered Sleigh Bed – £499

Dreams’ Lucia sleigh bed is among the most affordable. You can often get a discount when you purchase it during a sales. The bed has received glowing reviews from over 2000 customers, with a rating of 4.8/5.

The design is simpler than other sleigh beds, and it comes in three colours: a grey or metallic fabric, or faux leather. You also have a wider range of sizes available than with other sleigh beds. This sleigh bed can be purchased as a single bed or as a double/queen, king, and super king sizes. You can even stuff your spare bedding in the drawer beneath.

You can also choose between solid or sprung slats. Solid slats tend to be a bit more expensive and are firmer than sprung slats. You can make it adjustable by which will raise your head in bed.

When buying a sleigh frame, one thing you should look out for is the gap between the slats. There is a chance that your mattress will not receive enough support if the gaps between the slats are too large. For more information, you can refer to our bedframe guide . According to Dreams, the minimum gap should not exceed 7.5 cm.

The foot end is deep enough to accommodate a mattress up to 29cm in depth. Only a handful of mattresses are deeper than this, aside from those with large pillow top. It would likely look okay even if it was just a bit longer than the top.

There are hundreds of reviews for the Dreams Lucia sleigh mattress

3. Julian Bowen Ravello Upholstered Sleigh Bed – £415

We chose this Julian Bowen Ravello sleigh mattress and have been very pleased with it. Customers agree with it and rate it at 4.7/5 as of the date of writing. TrustPilot gives Julian Bowen an average score of 4.1/5.

The only colour available is’mink’. However, you can choose to have feet or a drawer. Although I prefer the feet, I don’t think they look as classy. However, I would not mind if it came with a drawer.

The sprung base makes it feel softer than solid wood slats. It is available in either a king or super king size. You will need to build the sleigh bed yourself, which is easier if you have two people. It was a difficult task that I did on my own, but it required patience.

Happy Beds will provide a 5-year warranty.

Advantages: longer warranties than competitors, better value, positive reviews, spring base

Cons: less known than John Lewis or Dreams

4. Sleep Zone Crushed Velvet Sleigh Bed – £299

This crushed velvet sleigh bed isn’t to my liking, I’ll admit it.

But, I don’t like Mrs Browns Boys. It was also voted best comedy of 21st century. I must accept that not everyone loves the same things.

Capella’s sleigh bed is loved by customers. It has received an average rating of 4.3/5 from more than 40 reviews.

It is available in a variety of colours, including black, silver or gold. You can also buy it as a double or king-sized sleigh bed.

The base is springy and the assembly was simple according to most reviews.

Pros: sprung slats, low price, positive reviews

5. John Lewis & Partners Etienne Sleigh Bed – £1299

This Etienne sleigh bed by John Lewis & Partners is three-times more expensive than some of our top five sleigh beds.

What are you doing to triple your budget?

The main difference is that the oak used to make it is more expensive than cheaper hardwoods. (Pine seems to be the most popular choice for cheaper wooden furniture). It should be a bit stronger. It also has an “artistic weathered look”, which is how I plan to describe my ageing skin.

You can choose from a super king or a king-size sleigh bed.

It scored 5/5, despite only a few reviews from customers.

Pros – Posh is a high quality brand that uses wood construction over cheaper options like fibreboard or pine

Cons:not offered as a double bed. It is two to three times more expensive than other sleigh beds.

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