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Welcome to my Timer Boss Review. If you are searching for a genuine Timer Boss Assessment, you attended to the proper place.

Cutting-Edge Software Makes You 46% More Cash With The Exact Same Amount Of Traffic… In Under 60 Seconds!

Timer Boss Overview:

Vendor: David Eisner

Product: Timer Boss

Launch Date: 2016-03-06

Launch Time: 11:00 EST

Front-End Price: $37

Official Site: http://timerboss.com

Niche: Software

Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Timer Boss Review – What is it ?

Timer Boss: The best value, full-featured timer product on the market! Make 1-time or evergreen timers. Email, embed, and overlay timers. Click tracking, link cloaking, exit redirect pops, Facebook open graph settings, retargeting and other code placement, buttons ON the timer, and more!
*Comes with training so people know how to use it right away to make more money.

Eleven Features Of TimerBoss That Increase Your Bottom Line

An Email Timer That Gets Attention
More attention to the deadline in emails = more clicks on your links = more money for you.
Also, now people in other timezones won’t have to do math to figure out when your promotion is ending. That’s a win-win for everybody.
*There are over 30 different templates to choose from or you can upload your own custom template!

Smart, Cross-Device “Evergreen” Timer
With “Evergreen timers”, you can start the timer on each unique visitor’s first visit, creating a new offer and urgency for each visitor.
AND NOW the same countdown that was started for your visitor will show anywhere else that visitor looks – in emails, on your blog, etc.
This will allow you create “evergreen” urgency on the sales page, but also in your emails and any other place you wish to show a countdown.

Website Overlay Timer
You can overlay any site you like with a countdown timer (minus a few of the massive sites like Facebook and Amazon) so you can essentially run your own private promotions on other people’s sites.
If you’re an affiliate, you can overlay any product page you want with your own promotion (to get a special bonus, for example).
TIP: If you’re a product seller, you can even overlay checkout pages that you don’t control (like on networks such as JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank, etc.)

Exclusive: “Looping” Timer
With a “Looping Timer”, you can simply reset the timer, over and over again, without touching it.
This comes in handy if you run the same promotion every day or every week, or constantly to new traffic (like a CPA page).
Now you can just set the time interval (works awesome for 24 hours!) and never have to touch it again.

Exit Popup Redirects
These “true Javascript exit popups” that work wonders… Well, they’re normally a huge pain to setup. And they don’t play nice with other software. We fixed that problem for you.
Now it’s insanely easy (like, as easy as typing your message and putting in a redirect link), while creating a timer… and it’s magically on the page along with your timer.
No tech skills or code handling needed! Wow, finally so EASY!

Retargeting Pixel Option In Every Link
Just like many other features in TimerBoss, there are entire apps dedicated to this one feature!
Now you can retarget visitors who click on your TimerBoss links (for example, if you’re using an Overlay Timer)… who never even visited your site!
This can allow you to build a targeted audience to get dirt cheap clicks from – WHILE you drive traffic to an affiliate offer!

Performance Tracking
You can track the performance of your timers, whether you’re using them in an email, on a sales page, or as an Overlay timer.
You can track impressions, clicks, and conversions and see them all in a centralized reporting dashboard.
This saves you time and always lets you know how good your campaigns are doing so that you can adjust and make more money.

Link Cloaking
If you’re an affiliate, using the link directly from the network can be a costly mistake.
It can make it so your emails end up in spam folders and all your ads get rejected. Not good. You need to use a different URL.
Cloak your link with TimerBoss so that you increase your email deliverability and always be approved by the ad networks.

Facebook Open Graph Settings
Now when you or someone else shares your TimerBoss link on Facebook, users will see optimized messages and calls to action!
Having attractive and optimized Open Graph Settings makes it far more likely that people will click and share your link… which makes you a lot more money in the long run.

“Buy Now Button” Option ON The Timer
This option gives you even more flexibility and earning power.
You can use it to show the buying option while the user scrolls the entire length of the page…
Or you can even use to provide other price options, like annual plans. Your options for this feature are only limited by your imagination.

Expired Timer Custom Image Option
One of the keys to being successful with time scarcity is that people must believe you.
Flashing a dynamically updated “Sorry, offer closed” sign inside your emails and on your pages when your timer expires, lets your people know that you’re being sincere when you make limited-time offers.
And next time they see the timer, they’ll be that much more EAGER TO ACT IN TIME because they know you’re not messing around!

You Also Get Big Value And Flexibility With TimerBoss:

 Use on unlimited web pages, blogs, and emails that you own
 Over 75 Pre-designed templates PLUS a Custom Template Designer
 Our “Newsletter Builder” will automatically insert your timer in an email template and create your newsletter format for you. Just take the HTML and copy/paste it into any Autoresponder.
 ONE TIMER for everything: All you have to do is set the time and the destination URL and you can use the same timer in emails, on sales pages, to overlay checkout pages, on Facebook and more. What a time saver!
 Works in all email marketing systems and autoresponders
 No tech skills or tutorials needed! Extremely easy and intuitive app – just a few clicks then copy and paste
 We host the software so there is nothing to install. Start using it in the next 5 minutes!
 OR Self-host if you want. Special Bonus: WordPress plugin included!
 Pick your own time zones
 Works on all devices – desktop computer, tablets, mobile devices
 3-DAY LAUNCH OFFER ONLY: Lifetime access, no monthly or annual fees

Price of Product?
Personally I think is a very unique product so the price $37 is a reasonable price. no doubt about its great ability, I would definitely register yourself a product like this, did you?

Timer Boss Developer/White Label: Customers will have the opportunity to buy a license to sell the WP plugin as their own.

Lightning Tech Mastermind: This is a tech mastermind that I’ve created featuring my tech superstar outsourcer, Martin. Members get priority access to hire Martin and get immediate access to him and me to help them with their tech difficulties, FAST.


One of the top ways to measure success of your online marketing (besides actual money in your pocket!)… Is “EPC”
EPC = “Earnings Per Click” or Earnings Per Visitor
Let me give you two scenarios. Which is better?
You send 100 people to a page… and make $100… for a $1.00 EPC
OR you make $146, for a $1.46 EPC.
Obviously the 2nd situation is better, right? It’s pretty simple math.
When you increase your EPCs, you’re simply maximizing the resources at your disposal…
And you’re making more money, faster.
Whether the visitors come from an email, a Facebook ad, a blog post, or literally any traffic…

You want to MILK THAT TRAFFIC to get the highest return-on-investment possible, so you can re-invest into more traffic and ultimately keep more in your pocket.

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