Mean Girls is one of my favourite Broadway musicals. It’s the exact same story as the famous teen movie.

Because of its relatability, this story is so popular with many people. There’s a small group called The Plastics who represent “the most popular girls at school”. Everyone envies them and/or wishes to be part of the club in some capacity. They are their followers and follow their lead.

You may now be asking, “What does this funny high school drama have to do with YouTube subscribers?”

YouTube’s subscribers are important
Your YouTube channel is your clique, and your subscribers are your admirers.

Subscribers are your loyal fans, who want to get more content from your company and who have indicated that they find your content to be very interesting. They have indicated that they do not want to miss any video if they are opting in to receive notifications.

From theMean GirlsExample: Having the following Social credibility builds. Your channel will be more attractive to potential subscribers if you have more subscribers.

There are also Subscriber benchmarks to hit. This will allow you toYouTube: Do what you can.

For example, your first 100 subscribers will allow you to create a custom URL. Reach 1,000 subscribers and you’ve hit one of the requirements to be part of the YouTube Partner Program.

YouTube is just one of many algorithms that places a lot of weight on engagement Subscribers are more likely to engage with you as the creator. will help you with that.

They will be the first to see your content and are more likely (in theory) to comment. And they will also be more likely to share the content with friends who have similar interests. YouTube will consider your content more trustworthy if it receives more engagement. This will increase the likelihood of your video being ranked at the top in search results so that new viewers can find your channel.

Participation in the partner program has another per monetization.After you reach the 1,000 subscriber threshold and accumulate 4,000 hours of video time on your channel, you will be eligible to collect display, overlay and video ad revenue.

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It doesn’t end there. With 1,000 subscribers you can also offer channel membership you can get permission to use s, 10,000 subscribers and sOffer fans brand merchandise check out your watch pages.

Once you have a better understanding of why subscribers are so important, let’s explore how to increase your subscriber base organically. This will allow you to reap the benefits of your own fanbase.

1. Consistent content

YouTube is all about consistency.

When cable was the only option, viewers used to make it a habit to tune in to a program when it was on. Because the show was broadcast every week, viewers could predict when it would air and could invest in the content. This was how network programming became a reliable entertainment escape for viewers who tuned in each week to catch their favorite shows.

What happens if a series ends unexpectedly or the network doesn’t take on another season? I remember feeling burned after The Secret Circle on the CW was canceled. The cliffhangers that I was left with were never resolved.

YouTubers have a similar loyalty to their favorite creators. Consistently publishing high-quality content gives potential subscribers an incentive to sign up. They have a reason for investing their time in your content, knowing when you will publish something new.

IMPACT client Acculevel, a foundation repair company in Rossville, Indiana, does a great job of letting people know they’re publishing regularly right in their channel banner.

If you’re just finding their channel and look at the channel banner (pictured above), it’s simple to see that a new video is posted every Thursday. You should subscribe if it’s important to you.

2.Leverage your channel trailer

Channel trailers are featured videos that appear on your YouTube channel’s homepage. They can be similar to movie trailers, but offer visitors the chance to see what you have to say.

You can also use the trailer to inform new viewers when new videos will be available and why subscribers should subscribe.

This channel trailer by The Grossman Law Firm, an IMPACT client, tells viewers to subscribe for new content.

On their California Probate and Trust Litigation channel, this trailer does a great job of setting expectations of what type of viewers would be interested in this type of content.

Scott refers specifically to the areas of law that they are discussing in their videos. He also mentions the state it refers to. Finally, he asks anyone watching the video to subscribe.

Although this is a short, simple video, it serves its purpose. It sets the right expectations for the audience to benefit from the content and also sells the value of subscribing.

3. Ask your viewers to sign up directly

Although it may sound cliché, asking your audience to subscribe and like YouTube videos is an easy and effective way of increasing YouTube subscribers.

Share how important their engagement is to you as creators by being human and authentic.

They ask viewers to sign up for more content and use a graphic to reinforce the question.

Dave is a retailer store where customers can see the furniture before they buy. He also encourages viewers to visit the store to “say hi” and help them with their furniture shopping needs.

PS: Dave was actually recognized by the store because of his appearances on YouTube! #superstar

4. It should be easy for people who want to subscribe

People are likely to be interested in your video. Make it as simple as possible for them to subscribe.

Include annotations allowing people to click on a button to subscribe throughout the video.

VidIQ, a tool you can use to help grow your YouTube presence, does a great job of this. As you can see in the screenshot, there is a button that lets viewers subscribe to the channel by hovering over it.

You can subscribe to the video by clicking the button in the right corner.

You should not only add annotations to your video but also encourage people to subscribe. This will allow you to connect with your audience more personally and give them a reason why they should subscribe. You can see the same example in the video.

If your viewers aren’t ready to subscribe when you ask, make sure to offer them a few options.

5.Make engaging thumbnails

This tip might not be as intuitive as others, but it is important to remember that you need people to find your content before the other tips can work.

After a search is completed, the thumbnail is the first thing a potential viewer will see after clicking the enter key. You can make your search results stand out and earn their attention with the thumbnail.

When searching “How much does a furnace cost,” for example, the first result features IMPACT client Fire & Ice Heating and Air Conditioning.

This video’s title and thumbnail are identical, which confirms to viewers that the video is about the topic they are looking for. The thumbnail features the smiling face and uniform of an HVAC professional as the on-camera talent. This tells you that they know what they are talking about.

These videos make it an intuitive and easy choice to view if you are searching for information on this topic. If you create high-quality videos, you will be more likely to get those subscribers.

Learn more about how to make engaging thumbnails in this article: Video Marketing: 7 Tips for Creating an Irresistible Video Thumbnail.

6. Collaboration with other creators

You are not the only one. There are many YouTube channels that have a similar audience to yours. You might even find their followers who enjoy your content. Collaboration with these creators can be a great way for you to reach new audiences and gain new subscribers. Let’s take another look.

YouTube is huge for musicians, and Boyce Avenue has been in the game for years. They create original music as well as collaborate with other YouTube musicians like the one below featuring Jennel Garcia.

The same video can be found on Garcia’s page, so if Jennel’s audience wasn’t familiar with Boyce Avenue before, they would be now, and vice versa.

Unfortunately, I am musically challenged so I don’t know how it feels to jam with another musician. However, if I saw an artist I was following collaborate with another artist, I would likely head over to their channel to have a listen and maybe add them to my subscriber list.

It’s similar to if your best friend were to recommend a new show to watch or if a major network decided to do a series crossover to promote another show on their network.

The same applies to businesses.

Interviews on other industry experts’ channels would allow you to get in front of their audience, and probably a lot more people who weren’t familiar with you. They may be more likely to subscribe and check out your channel after becoming familiar with you.

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